Trenchless Sewer Repair

Trenchless sewer repair saves time, saves money, and minimizes the damage to your home, yard, and landscape.

By eliminating the trench, trenchless technology has become the preferred method of trenchless sewer repair contractors. And with many trenchless sewer repair contractors and pipe manufacturers offering 25 to 50 year warranties on new pipes installed - trenchless sewer repair is quickly becoming the preferred method of homeowners and businesses throughout the USA.

A broken or damaged sewer can happen at any time, and the prognosis is seldom good. The thought of digging up your manicured lawn, patio, walkway or driveway can send chills down your spine. There may be other options. Sewer contractors may be able to offer you a less stressful option. Trenchless sewer repair, performed by an experienced, licensed plumber or sewer contractor, can be less invasive to your lawn and property. It can often be completed in one day saving you substantially on labor costs. Warranties may vary, so make sure you inquire and get it in writing. This will help insure the long term value you will receive.

Trenchless Technology

Trenchless sewer repair is like creating a new pipe inside of your old one with technology known as Cured-In-Place Pipe (CIPP). This method has been used for the past 25 years with very positive results. By forcing a lining, made of special epoxy resins, through a damaged pipe, there is no need to expose the entire line for repair or replacement. Not only has this procedure proven to be less expensive, but can increase the capacity flow.

Estimating the Damage

You may think this option sounds great, but how can you assess the damage without digging up the yard? Today's professional plumbers and sewer contractors use sewer camera equipment. A small sewer camera is sent through the main sewer lines and the smaller vertical lines. Problems, such as tree roots along connections or caved in pipes, are the most common types of sewer line damage. By taking images of the areas and damage, a plan for repair can be devised.

Outlining a Plan

Where your sewer line damage is located, can create different options for repair. It is not always possible to install a liner, effectively, through curves and crushed joints. By pinpointing the exact areas that need addressed, only 2 or 3 points of entry should be necessary. Even if it is found that replacement is needed, the spots for digging become minimal.

Preparing for the Job

Cleaning out the debris from the pipeline is a routine step that can help create a nice, smooth pathway for your lining. Forcing out roots and chunks of pipe with pneumatic equipment will allow your new pipe to extend as much as possible. Using hydro-jets can clean off built-up calcium and debris along the sides of your old pipe.

Laying the Liner

After measuring the liner, preparing the hardening mixture, and positioning the air supply, brings the specialized trenchless sewer repair crew to the installation of the liner. After the liner has received an injection of the epoxy hardening solution, the liner is fed through the old pipe and secured. From here, an air source is used to blow up the liner, like a balloon, until it fills the entire cavity of the damaged pipe.

The Last Step - Security

After the liner has cured, the sewer camera is sent through the new pipe that is now structurally sound. Once the job is certified as perfect, a warranty completes the job. With your new lined sewer pipe in place, you will have the satisfaction of knowing that there will be no calcification build-up on the hardened epoxy walls. You will also have a sense of security that your new stand-alone host pipe meets or exceeds ASTM D790 Standards.

The responsibility of a sewer line begins at your property. This is a hardship that many homeowners and business owners discover after a broken or burst sewer line is discovered. With trenchless technology as an option, the cost of the sewer repair could be much lower than anticipated. A trenchless sewer repair service can save you up to 40% of many traditional sewer dig ups that use backhoes. In addition to the huge cost of equipment, the landscaping can be long and expensive. The bottom line is that getting a few estimates allow you to compare traditional sewer line repair and replacement with trenchless sewer repair helping you make the best choice.

Trenchless Sewer Repair Contractor